Why New Beginnings Make Us So Scared

If you’ve ever experienced a new beginning, or if you are currently preparing for one now, you probably feel a combination of both fear and stress. And these feelings are completely natural as new beginnings scare everyone in one way or another, and this fear is occurring for many reasons you may not even realize.

You Don't Always Have to Know What Comes Next

Never Underestimate The Power of a New Beginning

Something Is Ending

The number one reason new beginnings scare us so much isn’t that something is beginning a new, but rather something which made us happy previously is ending. Change is natural, even though it may not feel natural at the time.

Just remember that when something ends, it’s because something better is coming for you. Don’t try to hang on to something which is falling apart, as this can make the new beginning even more difficult if you are still grasping for the past. Instead, be grateful the past happened and commit yourself to move forward.

Fear Of The Unknown

When you start over either in a new location or job, you have no idea what this change will bring you. You don’t know that it will be better or more fun. You hope it will be, which breeds fear. Humans are naturally built to fear what they are uncertain about. But don’t let the fear scare you, instead push forward and tell yourself that this change will be for the better. You may just be surprised at the power a positive outlook can have.

Your Last New Beginning May Not Have Worked

If you’ve changed your life drastically a few times, there’s a chance that the idea you may fail in another new beginning is contributing to your fear. But don’t let these emotions control you. As mentioned above, your outlook is a huge part of your success in this new situation.

Remember why your last new beginnings didn’t work out and use this knowledge not to make the same mistakes again. And most of all, believe in yourself because you can do it!

New beginnings scare everyone. After all, to have a new beginning, something else had to have ended. But don’t let the fear of the unknown or past mistakes lead to fear of new beginnings. Instead, know that new beginnings are a good and necessary part of life, and your fear will likely lessen if you embrace the coming change with open arms.

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