What Holds Us Back From Moving Forward?

Have you ever just felt stuck in your life? As if you are going around and around in a circle and you can’t seem to break out? Well, this could be because something in your life is holding you back from moving forward.

A Change is Nothing But a Fresh Start

New Beginnings are Normal and Necessary

1. You’re Too Safe

If you are constantly worried about the future, and this worry keeps you from taking risks, this is probably the number one reason you aren’t moving forward. To move forward, you have to live a little and do something which makes you a little uncomfortable-it’ll pay off in the end.

Next time you are faced with something that takes you out of your comfort zone, give it a try-you may find a little risk is a positive addition to your life.

2. You’re Stuck On The Past

To move forward, you have to learn to let go. The past is the past for a reason. Remember it fondly, but make sure you aren’t focused on it or devoting any time to it, as this will keep you from being able to propel yourself forward into the future.

3. You Doubt Your Abilities

If you want to make changes to better your life or move forward, you can’t do so if you constantly doubt yourself. Have a little confidence. Just deciding to move forward is a big step, and only the most successful people do so. If confidence is something your struggle with, consider trying some tactics to increase your confidence before making a large change in your life.

4. You Are Hanging With The Wrong Crowd

Are all your friends stuck in dead-end jobs? Do they complain about how miserable they are? According to Jim Rohn, you are the combination of the five people you are closest to in life. And if these people aren’t going anywhere, you likely won’t either.

Be especially careful if you find yourself spending time with people who seem to talk down about your future, don’t let their negative outlook become yours, as this could end up holding you back big time.

No one said moving forward was easy, but it may feel impossible if you are being held back. Instead, choose to make changes to your life to stop your convictions, past, and your friends from holding you back. After all, moving forward is part of being successful and having a happy life.

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