As odd as it may sound, the majority of individuals would succeed in their undertakings if they could only overcome their own obstacles. Despite their desire for achievement, individuals frequently engage in activities that impede from their objectives – simply because their thinking is not success-oriented. When they are attempting to progress, old negative attitudes persist and fester in their minds. These negative thoughts have a damaging effect on their moods and discourage them.5 Little-Known Techniques to Fool Your Mind and Direct It Toward Success

Ways to Fool Your Mind and Gear It Towards Success

In this post, we’ll examine five strategies for re-framing your thinking in order to avoid sabotaging your achievement.

Assuring Yourself That You Deserve Success

Telling Yourself You Deserve Success The harsh reality is that many people with less knowledge and abilities than you have amassed enormous wealth.

Yet so many individuals assume that they must have a degree, wealth, contacts, and an infinite number of other favorable circumstances in order to have a fighting chance of success.

Convince yourself that you are deserving of achievement. There is no reason why you cannot succeed if you put your best effort forward. Ignore all other justifications.

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You Have a Choice

Work can be exhausting. There is simply no way around it. Cal Newport stated in his book Deep Work, “This is an economy that will reward those who are comfortable with intense attention on important tasks.”

There is no way around the fact that you will be forced to work hard in order to achieve. Even if you work intelligently, you must still diligently devote mental energy and effort toward your goals.

The majority of people will have an aversion to the task because it is monotonous and exhausting. Therefore, what do they do? They are sluggish. To avoid this situation, you must first recognize that you have a choice. “I get to perform this work because my goals matter!” tell yourself.

When you recognize that you are choosing to work, you conquer the psychological barrier that makes you feel as though your arm is being twisted and you HAVE to work. It’s a basic technique for refocusing your thoughts, yet it makes all the difference.

“It’s Only 5 Minutes!”

Another effective approach for overcoming procrastination is to convince your mind that you will not be tortured. Procrastination is a sign that your mind is defending you.

It regards the work you must perform as unpleasant and energy-intensive. Your intuition is correct… and it will think up very persuasive arguments to convince you to put off the work in order to avoid the ‘pain’.

One simple solution to this problem is to persuade yourself that you’re only going to do the work for five minutes. This is a brief enough duration that it is not tedious.

Your mind will have a reduced proclivity to resist. What’s remarkable is that once you begin working, all opposition vanishes.

You will always encounter the strongest resistance from your thinking PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE TASK… However, once you begin and get into the flow of things, you will generally continue.

Aim High

Establish lofty goals that you have no idea how to accomplish. To win big, you must think large. As veteran racing driver Mario Andretti famously stated, “If everything appears to be under control, you are not traveling quickly enough.”

Forget about being realistic. You, too, have no idea what is feasible or what you are capable of. Therefore, do not hold back.

If your ambitions do not frighten you slightly, they are not ambitious enough. Avoid panicking and clutching your pearls in an attempt to figure out how you’re going to do them. Simply establish lofty goals for the time being.

Once that is accomplished, you can segment the large goals into smaller objectives until you have achievable targets to reach. After that, it’s simply a matter of hitting one target after another until you reach your ultimate goal.

Without a doubt, it will take time and work, but you will succeed. What matters most is that you give yourself the opportunity to set an ambitious goal that you can eventually achieve.

It’s All A Game

Successful people constantly see life as a game. While failure is a terrible pill to swallow, they do not use it to evaluate themselves. They are cognizant of the fact that you may win today and lose tomorrow.

What is critical is that you participate in the game… and if you stick with it long enough, you will improve and finally win. Even teenage guys understand that by constantly playing the same video game, they will improve and eventually defeat the ‘big boss.’

In a similar line, when you avoid internalizing failure or being overly tied to the outcome, you will dare to do more and push yourself. Both failure and success will provide you with feedback.

Consider the process as a game in which you simply want to keep playing and winning regardless of how many times you lose. The sky is the limit with this thinking and approach, and you will reach incredible success in the future.

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